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Natural Supplements - Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs - Holistic Health - Alternative Medicine - Natural Remedies.

The world leader in herbs and health supplements

At Nature's Sunshine, uncompromising quality is not an option - it is an obligation. We use only the finest raw materials, gathered from the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Orient, and we boast the largest force of trained Herb Specialists in the world. It's no wonder our herbs outshine the competition!

NSP has been sharing its unique herbal products for over a quarter of a century. In that time, so many lives have been changed for the better. Whether it's relief from certain physical ailments you seek or supplements to build the quality of your life, we feel certain there's a niche for you at Nature's Sunshine.

So come in and experience our caring, sharing attitude. It's an opportunity for building health that could change your life!

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Chinese Herbs

Nature's Sunshine brings 5000 years of Chinese herbal tradition to the West in its complete line of quality Chinese herbal formulas.  Those familiar with Chinese herbology will find much to like in Nature's Sunshine Chinese herbs.  In particular, Nature's Sunshine's old-world formulas follow the Chinese tradition, which is to have a broad enough effect, a formula must contain several herbs.  Some of Nature's Sunshine formulas contain no less than 18 different herbs.  Nature's Sunshine has developed a Chinese herbal formula for each constitution.  And each bottle indicates the constitution and whether it acts to enhance or reduce.

It is estimated that over one billion people around the world use the principles of Chinese herbology as part of their daily health practices.

Chinese herbalists teach that the determining factors of health are a person's lifestyle, environment and nature (or constitution).  The term "constitution" refers to a person's basic nature.  It takes into account lifelong tendencies, personal preferences and tastes.  In all traditional health care systems, understanding a person's basic constitution is important when determining the type of diet, exercises and other health-building practices the person needs.  Chinese herbology compares the substances of nature with human qualities.  It examines a person's basic nature, using a system of five constitutions:  wood, fire, earth, metal and water.






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