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Avoid Mercury in Fish 2009 - Families Beware of Certain Fish That Contains High Levels of Mercury by Megan McInnis
Parents should avoid feeding their family fish that is high in mercury content. Mercury has been known to cause neurological damage at higher exposure levels. A recent alarming 2009 study has shown that mostly all of the fresh stream fish in the United States contain at least traces of Mercury (HG) and at least 25% of the stream fish contains a disturbingly higher amount than the EPA recommends.

Do You Have Solstic Energy?
Canadians gulp down more than 1$-billion worth of energy drinks, power bars and weight-loss products every year.  There are more new customers reaching for these products every day, and the number of choices in the market continues to proliferate.  But many of these drinks do not promote health in the long run.

Helping Mankind Fight Infectious Disease
Silver particles have been used for centuries to disinfect and to kill bacteria, viruses, yeast and other pathogens.  Even as far back as the Greeks and Romans, silver was being used for its anti-microbial properties.  During mid-evil times, well-off families used silverware for eating to protect against plagues, hence the phrase “born with a silver spoon in the mouth”.

Natural Health News

What Is Environmental Health and How Is Yours?
You see it everywhere you go. You are constantly asked to become more environmentally friendly in order to save our planet.  After all, without our planet earth, where would you be?  Perhaps a second question should also be asked, what are you doing for your environmental health? 

What You Need To Know To Prepare For Flu Season
Flu season is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to start preparing your body’s immune defenses. Of course, you always want to wash your hands or stay away from people with the flu, but we both know that’s not always possible. So the next best thing you can do is start preparing your body to fight those nasty bugs.

Elite Liquid Fruit Supplement Boasts Three New Xanthones
AntioxidantsOriental medicine is known for it’s tradition of combining many different plants together to come up with the best synergistic blend to treat a variety of ailments. A new, powerful juice blend continues the tradition from the Orient by combining 11 fruits and herbs to yield a fruit juice with truly exceptional holistic properties. This delicious dietary supplement beverage was formulated for energy, health and longevity.

Is Your Daily Cuppa Joe Bad For You?
With so much conflicting information out there about your health, it’s no matter you get confused and frustrated! We all do.

Natural Health News

What Is Your Body Telling You?
We all do it – we spend hundreds of dollars (not to mention hours) a year trying to find out what the best food for our body is. Did you know people are making millions of dollars a year telling you what the best foods are - when you can actually get the information for free?

Is Suppressing Symptoms with Synthetic Chemicals Losing its Lustre in Healthcare?
Every class of drugs currently used to treat the symptoms of cancer, diabetes, heart and autoimmune diseases, depression and psychiatric disorders is currently under regulatory investigation, the subject of class action lawsuits involving tens of thousands of patients who have incurred harm as a result of legally prescribed medications.

The Surprising Secret About Good Health - It’s Not What You Think
You may think there are many factors involved in the quest for optimum health, but it really all comes down to 3 simple concepts. Stop making things complicated and see how simple things really are.

SUGAR: Not So Sweet After All
SugarIt seems that every week we hear about something else in our food supply that's bad for us. The latest culprit is sugar. This is an especially big problem because sugar is everywhere in our foods. The naturally-occurring sugars found in plants are not the problem - it's the refined white sugar, the high fructose corn syrup, the glucose-fructose, the liquid invert sugar and other manufactured forms of sugar that are the real problem.

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