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Articles: Your Pet

Extend the Life of Your Pet
After the recent pet food contamination that killed some pets and made many others sick, worldwide attention focused on making sure pet products are SAFE. Can you honestly trust most manufactures to do that for you?

Introduction of Pet Nutrition: Every Pet Owner Should Know by Nicole Chen
The science of pet nutrition covers so wide a field. Not does it help maintain the pet's health, but also manage to control health problems. Pets are the same as human beings which gain nutrition from the food ingredients, such as protein, fat and fiber. Ingredients are media that delivers the nutritious substances into the body. So pet foods with ingredients that deliver balanced nutrition are the best choices.

Keep it Real: The All-Natural Pet Diet by Eric West
Everybody knows that an all-natural diet is a healthy diet. It's no coincidence that what's good for you is also good for your dog and cat. It's also no secret that - aside from the buzzwords - most people don't know enough about what "all-natural" means.

Nutritious Dog Diet - Tips to Choosing Nutritious Dog Food For Your Pet
Of course you want your pet on a nutritious dog diet, but finding a good food for your dog can be a real trick. While every dog food claims to offer one hundred percent complete nutrition, this marketing lingo doesn't necessarily mean all of them are good for your dog. In fact, all it does is tell you that there are certain percentages of fiber, fat, protein, and moisture in a nutritional analysis, as well as a certain number of added minerals and vitamins. Any food you feed your dog should at least have this labeling, but that's not all there is to dog food nutrition. To decide whether a given food is really good for your dog, you'll need to read the label.



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