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Articles: Emotional Health

Anger - Get over it or get if off your chest
Canadians are angrier than they were just a year ago, according to a series of recent polls by Angus Reid Strategies. The list of pet peeves is long, but what's really ticking off Canadians these days are queue-jumpers, inconsiderate dog walkers, people who disrespect their elders and telemarketers.

Emotional Aspects Of Diet and Digestion
So far we have discussed how nutrition affects the mind—specifically, how a nutrient deficiency may contribute to a mental or emotional illness. It is equally important to realize that, while diet does affect our mental and emotional well-being, our emotional state in, turn, in influences both our choice of diet and how well our food is digested and assimilated.

Essential Oils for Emotional Health
Essential Oils have an incredible effect on the mental/emotional level. Starting with reception into the Olfactory Epithelium, to the Receptor Cells and into the Olfactory Bulb. They are then transmitted into perception, traveling to the Limbic System, Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Olfactory Cortex, Thalamus and Neocortex. From there, signals are then sent to the rest of the body. Below are some reported benefits:

How To Control Your Emotions With Nutrition
One of the bedrock tenets of the Meltdown program is that emotions can be the catalyst for disease. The effects of the mind on the body can be very powerful. Fortunately, nutrition can be a big part of the cure. I call this area psychonutrition, since what you eat can alter neurotransmitter production in your brain which controls your emotions.

Reiki Natural Healing: Overcome Health Threatening Stress Naturally by Sue Kennedy
Reiki natural healing is a holistic healing therapy that originated in Japan. The word "Reiki" can be translated to universal life force energy, and the therapy is intended to heal the mind, body and spirit through hands-on techniques.

Positive thinking may help heart patients live longer: study
Heart patients who have a positive outlook are less likely to die in the decade after their diagnoses than those who are gloomy about their chances of recovery, a new U.S. study suggests.







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